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Various activities of Ananda Ashram

25th January 2020 AD, Saturday

Philosophy: Monotheistic, Humanistic, Harmonized Idealism

Birth: 10th Magh 1284 Bengali (23 January 1878)

Passing away: 20th Ashwin 1316 Bengali (05 October 1909)

The 142th Birth Anniversary of Sadhok Kobi Maharse Monomohan, the devoted disciple of Sri Sri Ananda Moharaj, will be commemorated on 10th Magh 1426 Bengali, 25th January 2020 AD, Saturday at the Ananda Ashram in the village of Satmora under Bangora Thana, Nabinagar Upazila in the district of Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

All and sundry irrespective of race, religions and castes are invited to attend the observance.

On behalf of the Ananda Ashram

Dr. Bilwa Bhusan Dutta

Principal, Ananda Ashram

Satmora, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria.