Monomohan Dutt is one of the Bangladeshi ascetics austere for coordinating all of the religions. He dedicated his life to establish religious harmony across the then British Indian Sub-continent through his messages in the form of songs, his auto-biography and his instructive writings. He set new paradigm of religion recognized as Doyamoya.

About Coordinating All of the Religions

“Doyamoy” is the unified name of all of the names. It is the name of universal harmony. Doyamoy is the name of universal brotherhood, symbol of universal love and universal humanity. The messenger Sri Sri Ananda Moharaj has called for the coordination of all of the religions. He sowed the seed of calming the conflicting world. Maharse Monomohan in his poetry and songs spreaded the messages of harmonization for the sake of the elimination of all of the creatures. He worked for the welfare, peace and harmony in the world. Fakir Aftab Uddin, the elder brother of the great musician Alauddin Khan and and Srimat Labochandra Paul are the significant disciples of Monomohan. Fakir Aftab Uddin composed the songs of Monomohan and contributed greatly to the welfare of the world. The only son of the ascetic personality Monomohan, Srimat Swami Sudhir Chandra dedicated himself to spread the name of Doyamoy and to administer the principal Ashram of Kalikuccha and the 2nd Ashram of Satmora Ananda Ashram. We have to pledge to be engaged in vow to strongly follow these great hearted personalities for spreading the name of Doyamoy all over the world. By completely removing prejudices, envy, saying ill about other religions, communal discrimination, fundamentalism from our society, we can establish peace and harmony of human race, otherwise we will never be successful. Harmony means the peace. Fundamentalism means war, destruction, intolerance, discrimination, disorder and misfortune. Everybody in the world wants peace. But, peace is hardly felt. Peace is dying inside heart. We look for peace around the external sphere. When tolerance, love, truth, acceptance of other religions, secularism, humanity and communal harmony will be established, we will find pure peace. We pray to Doyamoy, “May the unmixed peace establish among all of creatures in the world”. I wish that all of the peoples of the world will be instigated with the philosophy of Sri Ananda to come forward for the universal welfare.

- Virtuous Shankori Dutt
The Grand Daughter in Law of Monomohan